Going green

Reuse, recycle and reduce!

We hope you will enjoy a luxury ‘glamping’ holiday at Wayfarers’ Wood. Behind the scenes we are trying to do our bit for the environment. Apart from these three ‘r’s we can add further ‘r’s – repurpose, repair and recover as we try to cut down the amount of waste we produce and see value in stuff that often just gets chucked. Below are a few of the things we are trying to achieve:

In 2003 Wayfarers’ Wood was intensively farmed arable land. We have planted over 900 trees and have reclaimed this land as an oasis for wildlife. We are surprised and delighted by the wide range of species that now make it their home. We are continually planting new native trees and providing nesting boxes for bats and birds.

Wood for fuel is now harvested from our own trees or local suppliers.

Wherever possible we try to source local produce for your visit. This includes our own free range eggs and fresh fruit when in season.

We use environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products and air dry your linen whenever we can.

We aim to recycle, reuse and repurpose all waste whenever possible. We are using refills to cut down packaging waste where appropriate, and where practical reduce the use of single use plastics. We are always looking for ways to cut down on product packaging so you’ll find we have made some changes at WW this year. We have swapped the pre-packaged breakfast cereals for your own freshly filled glass jars. Indeed, most of the items we supply are bought in large packet sizes and then freshly decanted for each stay. Our new shower gel from Faith in Nature is bought in bulk too.

The solar lighting is a great solution for off-grid electricity powering both the LED lighting and the extractor fan in the extremely environmentally friendly eco-loo.

The hut is fully insulated with sheep’s wool and the metal wheels are made from recycled brake discs.

The sheep’s wool duvets are British made – they are Baavets from Wales!

Our fire pit was hand forged in Suffolk.

We encourage arrival by public transport – train pick up service available so you can leave your car at home if this works for you. The holiday makes the most of low impact activities such as walking, enjoying the local wildlife, cycling and exploring local services and amenities.

We support the charities Plant Life, and The Woodland Trust from which we have received replacement trees for our disease ravaged ash trees.
UPDATE – at last found teabags that are plastic free! (yes teabags do contain plastic, who knew!), these are CLIPPER Fairtrade teabags. Good on them for showing all the other brands what can be achieved.

We have recently subscribed to receiving ‘wonky’ bakery products from Wheat and Earth – these are fresh products that would normally be wasted for overproduction reasons or appearance. Lovely crumpets, nan breads, pancakes etc.